Loose-Leaf Teas

We carry a variety of FTO loose-leaf teas including: White teas, Green teas, Oolong teas, Black teas, Masala Chai teas and Herbal/Wellness teas.  Our teas are Organic Fair-Trade and with only high quality standards/ingredients!

NOTE:   Loose-leaf teas are available to take home and/or shipped directly to you in 25g quantity bags

Fairtrade Organic

Loved our coffee and now want to enjoy our coffee from the comfort of your home?   No Problem!   Just give us the details and we'll ship right to you!   Looking forward to hearing from you @ (613) 476-1718. 

Bean Counter House Blend - medium roast
Indian Monsson Malabar - medium to dark roast
Big Island Bold - dark roast
Nicaraguan - dark roast
Sumatran Mandheling - dark roast
Espresso - dark roast 
Swiss Water Process Decaf 

NOTE:  Our coffee beans are available for take home and/or to be shipped directly to you in either 1/2 lbs and 1 lbs bags

The Bean Counter Cafe & Bakery

Certified Fairtrade Organic coffee means that farmers are guaranteed a minimum fair price for their coffee in adherence with Fairtrade principles and practices. This ensures that:

- Coffee farmers are able to provide for their families;

- We are helping to create a sustainable industry that coffee farmers can rely on;

- Important community projects (including prodactivity initiatives) are supported through the Fairtrade system, and

- It provides the means for farmers to break free from middlemen that have traditionally held all the power over the farmer

- Fairtrade Organic

Beans and Leaves

Bold + Local

We are passionate about our coffee and that includes where our coffee beans come from. Local Roaster, County Roasters, uses only quality beans that are sourced from proud farmers around the globe, both conventional and Fairtrade Organic (FTO) coffee beans.

The green beans are artisan roasted in small batches which demonstrates high quality expectations.

It was an important endeavour for us to partner with a local artisan roaster such as County Roasters and Brad provides us with the perfect roast and the perfect cup every time!

Coffee Beans

Tanzanian Peaberrylight to medium roast

El Salvador - light to medium roast

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - medium roast

Guatemalan - medium roast

Honduras - medium roast

Kanyan - medium roast

Costa Rican Tarrazu - medium roast

Peruvian - medium roast